Telegram or WhatsApp?✔ Which Messaging App Should I Use?

Telegram Or WhatsApp, Which One Is Better?
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Two of the most popular messengers these days are Telegram and WhatsApp. The messengers, each with their own capabilities and facilities, have been able to satisfy users well and have millions of downloads on Google Play and the App Store.

Users’ constant question is which is better, Telegram or WhatsApp, and which of the two apps provides more features and performs better than the other?

In this article, we intend to answer this frequently asked question of WhatsApp vs Telegram, and we do this by examining the advantages and disadvantages of each, as well as the differences and applications that these two applications have.

If you do not know which Telegram or WhatsApp is better and you are hesitant in choosing, stay with us until the end of this article from buytelegrammembers.

Which Messaging App Should I Use? Telegram Or WhatsApp

Which Messaging App Should I Use? Telegram Or WhatsApp

These days, messaging applications have become very popular, and having them is one of the requirements. We can use these programs to communicate, buy and sell and start online businesses, make video calls, hold meetings, and do many other things and get the most out of them.

Two of the best and most popular of these messaging apps are Telegram and WhatsApp. But the main question is whether Telegram or WhatsApp? which one is better?

Which is more practical? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? By answering these questions, we can easily answer the main question, which is better and more practical, Telegram or WhatsApp. We examine these two messengers from the following aspects to answer our questions:

  1. Number of active users for each application
  2. Exclusive capabilities and features of each of the two
  3. Application security
  4. Compatibility with different operating systems

In the following, by examining each of these cases, we will finally see which Telegram or WhatsApp can be considered the winner of this comparison.

1. Number of active users for each application

In the first part of the answer to the question of Telegram or WhatsApp, we want to examine these two applications in terms of the number of users they have.

It is true that the number of users may seem less important compared to the features and capabilities that applications have, but the important thing is that for applications that work in the field of messaging, the number of users is one of the criteria for success. Can affect the final result.

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Because if the majority of people around you do not use that application as a messenger, then no matter how many features and capabilities this application has, it will still not be useful for Kasha.

WhatsApp has 1 billion active users, while Telegram has only 100 million international users. So, if we want to compare these two applications in this regard, the winner is definitely WhatsApp.

Which On Is the winner of This Challenge Telegram or WhatsApp?

2. Exclusive capabilities & features of Telegram and WhatsApp

In this section of Telegram or WhatsApp, we will separately discuss the features of each of these two applications and examine their capabilities one by one:

WhatsApp capabilities

  • Ability to make good quality voice and video calls
  • Have accurate information about when the message reached the recipient and when the recipient read it
  • Ability to create a backup copy of chats
  • Use the status section to share text, audio, video and video messages with all audiences
  • Ability to change the text form to bold, italic, underline and …

Telegram capabilities

  • Possibility of having secret conversations or the same as secret chat
  • Ability to send files with a high volume up to 1.5 GB
  • Ability to access the application on different devices and devices simultaneously
  • Provide the ability to create and launch supergroups and channels with great capabilities
  • Having a variety of stickers and support for gif file formats
  • Ability to put a password on conversations
  • Ability to hide the last scene from the whole audience or just a few specific users
  • Ability to edit messages
  • Ability to be informed about being mentioned in groups
  • Ability to delete conversations or messages in two ways
  • Prohibit forwarding or saving of channel content if the one wishes, which is extremely useful for channels that work for money.
  • Ability to backup to Google Drive
  • Having a powerful built-in player
  • Ability to edit photos when sending

Examining the capabilities and possibilities of both of these applications, we come to the conclusion that Telegram is definitely the winner in this challenge, and has been able to satisfy its users by providing extremely useful capabilities.

3. Application security

The issue of security can be considered as one of the most important issues that we should consider in the comparison between messengers. WhatsApp Messenger was not very secure in the past and was even considered a low-security application.

But since the possibility of End-to-End Encryption was implemented for this messenger, its status has improved and now it can be said that this application has a very high level of security.

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So that even the people who work in WhatsApp have no access to your messages. In contrast, the security protocol used by Telegram is MTProto. In this protocol, it is possible to use End-to-End Encryption only for secret chats, and in other cases, this protocol is not implemented.

Of course, the issue is that Telegram is open source, which allows everyone to analyze the platform for security vulnerabilities and report any problems to Telegram developers.

With all of this in mind, the Telegram or WhatsApp security dispute seems to be coming to an end in favor of WhatsApp.

Telegram Or WhatsApp, Which One Is Better?

4. Compatibility with different operating systems

It is very important that the messaging application can support all existing operating systems and platforms. Both Telegram and WhatsApp are available on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone and have no problem with that.

Meanwhile, Telegram is also available on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS operating systems, and in addition, a dedicated app has been defined for it on Chrome.

A web version is also available. In addition to the web version, WhatsApp also recently supports Windows and Mac. In this comparison between Telegram or WhatsApp, Telegram definitely wins.

But not because it is available on more platforms and operating systems, but because different versions can be used independently.

If you want to use other versions of WhatsApp, the main account, ie the account on your phone, must be active. In terms of compatibility, if you ask Telegram or WhatsApp, our answer is definitely Telegram.

Which On Is the winner of This Challenge Telegram or WhatsApp?

Based on the review in terms of capabilities and facilities as well as user experience, Telegram can be introduced as the top application. The high security of these messengers and having groups and supergroups and channels with great features has made this platform an ideal place for businesses.

Individuals can join these groups and channels and benefit from their services without having to worry about their phone numbers being available. Meanwhile, WhatsApp voice and video calling capabilities can be enjoyable for many users.

The possibility of establishing virtual meetings in this application, as well as the fact that all the information on this platform is encrypted, can convince many people to use this application messenger application.


The issue of competition between applications running in the same field has always been hot. In these competitions and challenges, even small facilities and capabilities can figure out the differences and advantages. In this article, to answer the question of Telegram or WhatsApp, we examined these two applications from different aspects and compared them.

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