5 Telegram Hidden Features To Improve Your Chat Experience

Telegram hidden features
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You may also be interested to know that a group or channel can be hidden in Telegram. Many users want to hide some messages or groups and channels in which they are members. Telegram hidden easily provides this opportunity for them. Telegram allows users to send messages, photos, and videos Users can communicate with each other through this network, it is possible to expand businesses in it and members even can buy Telegram real members to grow faster. These are the most important features of this amazing network.

For the convenience of its users, this network has provided them with facilities such as Telegram hidden mode so that whenever users feel the need to hide some of their information, they can use these features.

For example, you are a member of a group but you do not want the group name to be in your chat list and everyone can see it. You can easily hide your group so that only you can access it. The same is true for personal chats or channels. You can easily hide them.

In this article on the buytelegrammembers website Telegram is by far the most popular of the many social networks used by users. Just because it provides all the basic needs of users. In the continuation of the article, you will learn more about the Telegram hidden features.

The hidden side of Telegram

Some astonishing Telegram hidden tricks

As mentioned earlier, you can hide different parts of Telegram, such as your group, channel, or account. Each of these is explained in more detail below.

Telegram hidden contacts:

You must have seen that when you send a message from one person to another person or group, that person’s username is displayed at the top of the message. By clicking on it, you can see the user’s profile picture and even send him a message.

Some users do not feel secure and do not want anonymous people to access their accounts. Telegram has provided conditions for the security and peace of mind of these users so that they can hide their accounts, even those users that buy Telegram account.

In this case, even if their message is forwarded to several people, unknown people can not disturb them. When a user clicks on their ID, they will see this message this account was hidden by user Telegram.

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The account was hidden by the user Telegram can happen when you do the following steps.

  • Go to Telegram. Select Settings
  • Click Privacy and Security.
  • Tap Privacy. Then select the Phone Number option.
  • Finally, select Nobody or My Contacts.

Telegram hidden groups:

The presence of channels, which are usually large in number, will also cause the chat page to be crowded, personal chats to be down, and so on. For this reason, Telegram has included a mode called work mode in the desktop version of Telegram.

After you enable it, all the groups you have muted will be hidden from the chat list. Hiding groups allows you to quickly access your messages as well as hide the groups you are a member of. It is recommended to know about Telegram backup too. Because your information is the most important thing in Telegram.

Telegram hidden status:

I use Telegram for many hours, but I do not want my contacts to see that I am online. What is the solution? Telegram provides this feature so that you can hide the display of your last time and be like a ghost.

Telegram shows the last time its users visited. For example, when you log in to a chat page with a friend, you can see the last time that person visited at the top of the page, and others can see your last visit in the same way.

But Telegram allows its users to use this network without any restrictions by creating the last visit time hidden. Two options, my Contact or nobody, allow you to select only your contacts to see your online status or not to show it to anyone.

Ability to hide and lock chats:

One of the most important reasons for people’s interest in Telegram is the high security of its use. One of the Telegram hidden features is that you can easily lock your chats. So if someone accesses your phone, they will not be able to read your chats. To do this, select the passcode lock option from the settings menu. You can easily hide your messages, groups, and channels and access them yourself.

Telegram hidden chats:

One of the unique features of Telegram hidden is its secret chat. Telegram’s secret chat service has much higher security than regular chats. You can use secret chat when you need to have a secret conversation that no one else should be exposed to.

The following are some of the key features of Telegram Secret Conversations that set them apart from regular Telegram conversations.

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Telegram hidden and the use of it

Set message retention time:

This means that you can specify that the messages disappear after ten minutes, for example.

 Ability to display only on one device:

You may use Telegram on your mobile phone and personal computer at the same time with one account you can even use mutiple accounts on Telegram. But when you enable secret chat on your phone, it will not be visible on your desktop version.

Hide your phone number:

When you add a new user to your Telegram contacts, after you send the first message to that person, your mobile number will be visible to that person. But still, Telegram has a surprise for its users, and that is that it can You can hide your number with a trick.

To hide your number, just follow the steps below.

  • Enter the Telegram program
  • Click on the Telegram hidden setting
  • Select the privacy and security
  • Finally, hide your number by selecting the Data Setting option.
    what is Telegram hidden

Is it possible to hide the name in the Telegram?

With all the extensive features that Telegram has provided to users, but does not allow hiding the name or surname. Users can only change their names. But since this network prioritizes user satisfaction It is unlikely that this feature will be added in the not too distant future.

Who can use Telegram’s hidden tricks?

All users of this network can use the amazing tricks of Telegram. But some users may be members of only one or two channels and do not use this network much.

On the other hand, some users have expanded their business by creating a channel or group in Telegram and are members of many groups and channels with which they have a common goal and need to use their information.

But membership in these groups and channels has made it difficult for them to easily find and answers to the messages sent by their contacts and customers. Telegram hidden makes it easy to hide all groups and channels and use them if needed, in addition, to easily access their messages.

Another benefit of Telegram hidden is for those who do not want the groups and channels they belong to be displayed on their chat page, so hiding them will eliminate the possibility of displaying and accessing them to others.

This article fully mentions the amazing features of Telegram to hide its various parts such as channels, groups, messages, phone numbers, etc. Telegram hidden makes it attractive and credible for many years among millions.

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