How To Search On Telegram Like A Pro?💎(Users. Bots. Chats)

How To Search On Telegram? (Users. Bots. Chats)
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Search On Telegram, do you know how to use this feature?

In defining this feature, it can be said that it helps users to find chats, contact, sticker, or whatever they are looking for quickly.

This feature is provided so that users can find the data without wasting time.

With the help of the search on Telegram feature, you can quickly find the message you want, even in groups and channels.

Join us and read the complete guide which is provided by the buytelegrammembers.

How To Use Search On Telegram feature?

How To Use Search On Telegram Feature?

This feature is available on all private chat pages, the Telegram homepage, and channels and groups.

It’s enough to know what you want, so you can easily find it.

Here we help you how to search on Telegram.

  • Contact name search:

You can easily find the contacts whose Telegram ID you have.

If you go to the main page of your Telegram, you will see that the pencil icon is at the bottom of the page.

Tap it, you will be taken to another page where your contact list is located.

There is a box at the top of the screen and a magnifying glass icon next to it.

Tap the magnifying glass icon, then enter the ID name you want.

  • Search group or channel chats:

A few days ago a message was sent by a friend in a group, now you need it.

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Do you know how to find it?

Just go to the group’s chat page, at the top of the box.

Enter a part of that message, like the words you remember, in that box.

You will find that the message you want is quickly found among thousands of different messages, without you spending a bit of time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Search On Telegram

  • Telegram bots search:

You know how useful Telegram bots are and how popular they are.

You can quickly find each of these bots by entering their name in the Telegram search box, tapping on their name, and using it.

  • Sticker search:

Go to the bottom of the chat page to find the stickers you want.

In the same box of the message icon, there is a plus, tap on it.

A list of stickers is displayed.

Now you can find your favorite sticker and send it.

How much do you use the search on Telegram feature?

FAQs About Search On Telegram

In this section, more complementary information about the search capability in Telegram is provided.

Here we answered the most important frequently asked questions of users.

How To Find A Channel On Telegram?

To find the desired channel, you must enter its name in the Telegram search box. It is necessary to enter the @ sign before the channel name, for the search to be performed correctly.

Why Does My Telegram Search Not Work?

This is not a common problem, so you should look for a solution.

You can reinstall or update your Telegram app.


Telegram messenger is secure, for any type of communication.

In addition to this security, the capabilities provided by this program doubles the importance of using it.

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Telegram search is one of the advantages of this program.

This article is the best guide about search on Telegram.

Buytelegrammembers gathered useful information from reputable sources such as YouTube and clearly stated in this article.

Information such as how to search for the contact name, chats, Telegram bots, and stickers.

How much do you use the search on Telegram feature?

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