How To Send And Receive Media In Telegram In Few Steps

How To Send And Receive Media In Telegram 2021?
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Sending or receiving media in Telegram is one of the best features of this program, which everyone who is a member of this messenger should be familiar with it.

The best and safest program for sending or receiving any type of media is Telegram because it is both safe and has a high speed for sending.

However, you should also use this golden opportunity and grow your business by buy real Telegram members.

Because you can easily communicate with your customers, without any problem sending or receiving media in Telegram. has made a brief and useful guide to teach you how to send or receive media in Telegram.

How To Send Media In Telegram?

How To Send Media In Telegram?

Telegram can send any type of media, whether it is a photo or a video.

The good news is that there is no limit to the number of files you can submit.

This means that you can send videos that are less than a minute long or those that are more than an hour high speed.

In addition, you can send one photo alone, or select and send multiple photos at the same time.

Want to know how?

Send a photo in Telegram:

  • Log in to your Telegram app.
  • Select the contact you want, tap their name to open the chat page.
  • In the bottom box, there is a small symbol like a clamp, tap on it.
  • You will be taken to your phone gallery, you can select any photo you want.
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 If you want to get more view you can buy Telegram views or send multiple photos at once, you have to do it differently.

Upload multiple photos at once:

As in the previous steps, go to the chat page you want.

  • Click on the clamp icon.
  • Select the photos you want. (Photos are selected by touching)
  • Tap SEND option.
    How To Receive Media In Telegram?

How To Receive Media In Telegram?

One of the wonders of this program is that not only can you send all kinds of media, but you can also receive them.

To download media in Telegram, tap on the photo or video to download.

You can view it immediately after the photo or video is fully downloaded.

How To Send high-quality Media In Telegram Messenger?

The quality of any type of media, whether photos or videos, decreases in the resolution after sending some.

Well, we all like our original quality photos and videos to be sent or received.

To solve this problem, we can send them as a file.

Not only media but also data in PDF or Word format can be sent with the help of a file.

To send media in the file format you must:

  • Go to the chat page you want.
  • Tap the media option at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select the files you want and then upload.

You can easily send them without compromising the quality of your photos or videos.

How Can I See Shared Media In Telegram?

Frequently Questions About Media In Telegram

If you are a new member of this program, you are probably not well acquainted with the capabilities of this program.

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So we recommend that you read this section.

Is Sending Media In Telegram Safe?

It cannot be said that Telegram Messenger is 100% safe, but it is highly secure compared to other similar programs.

So you can safely send all kinds of media in Telegram.

To further protect the security of your information, it is better to use Secret Chat.

How Can I See Shared Media In Telegram?

In the data section that you have sent or received, there is a section called Media that everything you have sent or received is in this section.


The security and high speed of sending media in Telegram have caused users to communicate with friends or to develop  business on Telegram.

By sending or receiving all kinds of media in Telegram, you can send or receive any type of file quickly.

Media is very important in Telegram because this program is not an ordinary messenger, but a magical program with the ability to send any type of file.

This article was written by the experts of and Is the best ultimate guide about media in Telegram and the ways of sending filed.

Are you satisfied with the speed of this program for sending media?

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