How Much Do You Know About Hidden Chat In Telegram?

How to hidden chat in Telegram
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Telegram, this popular social network, provides special features such as hidden chat in Telegram for the convenience of its users. To make better use of this network, be sure to visit the buytelegrammembers website to be informed of the best and most up-to-date Telegram services.

Telegram is the most widely used social media today, used by millions of users. With the help of Telegram, many businesses have been formed and grown by buy different services; like buy Telegram views. In addition, users use this network to transfer images, make calls, and send messages.

Therefore, this network constantly provides users with new features to always be at the top of the most popular social networks. One of the features is the possibility of hidden chat in Telegram. Follow us in the rest of the article to learn more about this attractive feature of Telegram.

Perhaps for some features such as hidden chat in Telegram, it is always the first choice among various social networks. In addition to the entertainment aspects, users need their information to be completely confidential and not everyone can easily access them. Telegram gives users this assurance well.

Telegram offers you three different methods that allow you to choose which method to use and hide your messages. Depending on the confidentiality of your chats, you can choose any of the following three methods.

  • Hide your chats
  • Use Secret Chat
  • Use passwords for chats

Each of these methods is described in detail in the following. Follow us in the rest of the article to learn more about this attractive feature of Telegram

Hidden Chat In Telegram, An Easy And Practical Way

In this method, with the help of archiving chats or groups, you can archive your chats in a special section and use them if necessary. This method greatly secures chats.

Because your mobile phone may be in someone’s hand and that person is aware of this method of hiding messages if you swipe down, he will have access to all your secret conversations so this method is not completely safe.

How To Hide My Chat On Telegram? What Is Telegram Hidden?

In this part, we will tell you more about hidden chat in Telegram. Update your Telegram for the first step. Then enter the Telegram app and open the main chat page. Place your finger on any channel or chat and group you want to hide and drag it to the left. At the same time, an entry will appear on the right, titled Archive, to ensure that the selected chat is properly hidden.

But to be able to access the chats or channels you have hidden, you have to go back to the main chat page and swipe down. At the top of the chats, a folder called Archive is displayed. Make sure all your secret channels and chats are there.

To unhide these chats, just select the chat or channel you want in the archive folder, place your finger on it, and swipe left.

How To Hidden Chat In Telegram X With Password?

You can create a password so that only you can access your Telegram messages. Follow the steps below to create a password for your messages.

  • Enter the settings menu.
  • Select the Privacy and Security option
  • Select the password option and enable it
  • Enter a password

This is the best way to prevent anyone from accessing your messages and you can safely share your mobile with others.

How To Hide Chat In Telegram Without Archive?

If you want to use hidden chat in Telegram, First, select the messages you want to hide. Then click on the three dots and select the hide option. On the page that opens, select a code for your hidden messages. You can easily hidden Telegram chats without having to help archive.

Secret Chat The Most Exceptional Feature Of Telegram

This amazing Telegram tool allows users to talk to each other in complete security to protect their privacy. So you can use the hidden chat in Telegram whenever you feel that your conversation is completely confidential.

By using hidden chat in Telegram, you can set the messages between you and the user you are talking to and they will be deleted automatically by activating the timer after a few minutes.

It is interesting to know that messages sent in hidden chat in Telegram can not be forwarded, and if one of the parties takes a screenshot of the page, the matter will be notified to the other person. Or if one of the users deletes a message, the other person will also miss the message.

How To Start Secret Chat In Telegram?

To start a hidden chat with any of your contacts, you can use the two methods mentioned below.

Start using the contact chat page:

Open the chat page of your desired contact. Tap the toolbar at the top of the screen. Now select the Secret chat option. After that, the hidden chat page between you and your contact will open.

By selecting Secret Chat from the main menu of Telegram:

Touch the three lines at the top left of your Telegram app home screen and select New Secret Chat. Then select the contact you want to chat with to open your chat page. A request to start a secret chat will be sent to the recipient and your chat will start after it starts.

Stunning And Striking Secret Chat Features Or Hidden Chat In Telegram

Secret chat has many benefits for all Telegram users, some of which are mentioned below.

  • Set a conversation time

By selecting the Set Self-Destruct Time option, you can specify how long messages will be deleted after the start of the conversation. This feature allows you to chat safely.

  • Clear message history completely after chat

Choose the option to clear memory by selecting the three dots at the top left of the chat screen to delete all messages, photos, and videos you have sent.

  • Stop chat by selecting the Delete chat option

You can use this option to stop chatting. This will make the chat page inaccessible to both parties.

  • Significant security of secret chat:

One of the most obvious features of Secret Chat is the high security that none of the information sent to Telegram servers will be stored. This exceptional feature allows users to talk easily and without worries as long as users feel that their information should not remain on their contact phone or that they do not have enough trust in their contact.

  • Unable to forward message

From there, your messages can not be forwarded to others, so an anonymous person can not access your profile or send you a message.

  • Warning in taking photos

This does not mean that you can not post a photo on the chat page, but it does mean that if the other person takes a screenshot of the photo sent by your contact or your contact takes a screenshot of your submitted photo, the other person will notice.

How To Finish The Secret Chat? & Hidden Chat In Telegram Works?

At the end of the chat, tap the three dots at the top right of the chat screen to close the chat screen.

This article fully explains the methods of hiding chat in Telegram and how to create a page for secret chats. If you are one of the users who care about the high security of your information and chats, be sure to read this article to the end.

The ability to have hidden chat in Telegram is one of the best, most exceptional features of  Telegram, which has made it an ideal network among users.

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