How to Export Telegram Contacts In Th Best Way Ever?

How to Export Telegram Contacts
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If you are also worried about losing your contacts do export Telegram contacts to relieve your worries. If you want to know how to export Telegram contacts, read this article to the end. For more questions visiting the buyTelegrammembers website so that our supporters can guide you.

Sometimes the fear of losing something takes away the joy of using it. Perhaps you are always thinking while chatting with a friend in Telegram, what should you do if one day all your Telegram contacts are suddenly deleted? Is there a solution to bring them back?

Of course, the contacts will not be deleted suddenly, and this was an example to better understand the importance of the existence of contacts. But the occurrence of problems such as getting out of the Telegram is not strange so back up all your contacts now. Stay with us until the end of the article to finally learn how to have a backup of your contacts. ٍ Export Telegram contacts and buy Telegram channel members both can help you grow your Telegram channel.

Export Telegram Contacts VCF

The Meaning Of Export Telegram Contacts

The easiest definition that can be given is to make a backup copy of all Telegram contacts for emergencies, which you can do with a few simple methods that will be mentioned below.

In any case, you are a Telegram user and you need your contacts because you are constantly sending and receiving information from your friends, colleagues, and family. To prevent the contact number of contacts from being deleted and forgotten, you must back up our contact information.

In the following, you will get acquainted with various methods to export Telegram contacts.


Export Telegram Contacts VCF

One of the ways to make your contacts last longer is to store contact information on a VCF file. Users with an iOS or Android phone can easily use this feature. Here’s how to export contacts on the iPhone:

  • Log in to iCloud first.
  • Open the Contacts app.
  • Select your contacts.
  • Export the VCF file.
  • Then convert the VCF file to a CSV file.
  • Export the contacts you selected.
  • The CVF file of your Telegram contacts is ready.

Export Telegram Contacts Desktop

With the help of the desktop version of Telegram, you can back up all your Telegram information such as chats, members, and contacts. You can also search for Web Telegram in one of the browsers and make a backup of the information you need. But to know how to export Telegram contacts follow the steps below.

  • Go to the Telegram settings section.
  • Select the Telegram Data Export
  • Because you want to back up your contacts, select the Contacts option in this section.
  • Then tap Export.
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Once your file is ready, click on Show My Data to see the output of your file.

Export Telegram Group And Chanel Contacts

Export Telegram Group And Chanel Contacts

If you are a business owner in Telegram and you sell your products with the help of the Telegram group and you are in contact with your customers, Know that you can back up all your group contacts and use Telegram backup so that if one day you do not have access to Telegram, your customers do not miss.

First, ask all your Telegram contacts to send their numbers so and save them to a VCF file. Finally, you can transfer all the information to a Word file. The same is true for owners of Telegram channels, who can also back up all their contact information.


How Do Telegram Contacts Sync?

Each time you log in to the Telegram app, the network’s contacts are synced based on the list of contacts stored on the phone. There are two ways to communicate with a user via Telegram.

One is to enter the chat page with the help of that person’s search ID or save the contact number and then find it in the list of contacts.


How To Sync Telegram Contacts With Phone Contacts?

The list of users who are in your Telegram contact is the same contacts whose number you have saved in your phone. But to add a contact from the Telegram list to your phone contacts, you can do the following steps:

  • Click on the Advanced option
  • Tap Export Telegram Data
  • Select the contacts list.
  • Click on the EXPORT option.

You convert Telegram contacts to phone just as easily.


Sync Telegram Messenger Contacts To iPhone

If you use an iPhone, how to sync your contacts is as follows:

  • Go to your desktop Telegram settings.
  • Then go to Cloud.
  • Select contacts.
  • You will then be asked if you want to merge or cancel, you must select the merge option.
    Benefits of Export Telegram Contacts

Contact Excel A Unique Software To Export Telegram Contacts

One of the most common ways to back up the list of Telegram contacts is to use the contact excel software.

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Finally, after backing up, it provides you with the contact information along with their profile picture in the form of an Excel file. The following steps are to describe how to back up.

  • First, go to the settings section and back up all your Telegram contacts and save them on your phone.
  • Then go to the contact.
  • On the screen, you are on, tap on the three dots at the top right.
  • Select the contact setting option.
  • Choose display then selects the option that all contacts are.
  • Go to the contacts section and delete all your contacts.
  • Return to contact to display and select your contacts.
  • Back up your Telegram contacts now.
  • Go to the manage contacts section and return your Telegram contacts in the import backup section
  • Choose where the contacts are stored

For Whom Is It Necessary To Export Telegram Contacts?

Sometimes Telegram contacts are people who have expanded their business in this network and all their income depends on the presence of their connections here. These users work for hours to communicate with their contacts and products.

Since the income of these people depends on the virtual sale of their products, if one day the Telegram is disrupted, they will lose. Because they may have stored the contact numbers of many of their customers in Telegram contacts to have better communication with them. These people need to export Telegram contacts.

You may be in contact with many people on Telegram because of your work and you need to keep their contact information. It is better to export Telegram contacts as soon as possible to ease your mind.


The Most Extraordinary Benefits Of Export Telegram Contacts

Whether you are a regular user of Telegram or a business owner who has a Telegram group or channel, you need to maintain contacts and buy Telegram group members will be very helpful, because Telegram is a messaging network and all its mobility and dynamics depend on the contacts. Among the top advantages of export are the following:

  • It calms the minds of the owners of Telegram groups and channels to produce content with confidence.
  • It always keeps the contacts information
  • And most importantly, you will not lose your Telegram friends.

This article was a complete explanation of export Telegram contacts. Different ways were explained so that users of this network no longer have to worry about losing their contacts.

If you own a Telegram group or channel where your contacts are the most valuable thing you have on Telegram, be sure to read this article to the end to learn export Telegram contacts methods.

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