The best way to Export Telegram Chats History! 2022

The best way to Export Telegram Chats history!
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With the help of export Telegram chat, you will no longer worry about losing your important chats in Telegram. For all active users in this network export, Telegram message has many uses. This article is designed by the buytelegrammembers website. You can also use different types of services that are provided for you on this website.

Imagine using Telegram for your business. Naturally, the main focus of the relationship between you and your customers is chat. Information about buying products, customer satisfaction, all this is only in your Telegram chat.

One morning you wake up and see that unfortunately your Telegram has been lost. It is sad to even imagine this problem. So it is better to always think about the future before it is too late.

Export Telegram chat is the main key that relieves the minds of business owners and all people for whom the content of their chats is important.

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The Meaning Of Export Telegram Chat In Simple language

It means Telegram backup chats. This version is durable and you can use it whenever you need it. All smartphones that have Android or ios operating systems can back up the information in their chats. This feature is also available for those who use the desktop version of Telegram.

Export Telegram Chat easy

The Best And Easiest Methods For Export Telegram Chat

With the help of some simple ways, you can easily store your Telegram chats in an external file, and protect them forever. These methods are explained below:


Export Telegram Messenger Chat Android

First, you must install the latest version of Telegram on your desktop and follow the steps below.

  • Download the latest version of Telegram.
  • Create a new account
  • Click on the three lines at the top of the page.
  • Select Settings Click on Export Telegram Data.
  • This page brings different types of Telegram parts such as contacts, chats, etc. to choose which one you want to make a backup from.
  • Tap the chat option.
  • Then select the type of format you want your file to be saved in and click the Export option.
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Your backup file is ready.

Export Telegram Chat iPhone

Users who have an iPhone operating system, to be able to save their Telegram chats, must first install the latest version of Telegram on the desktop and follow the steps in the order mentioned above.

 Export Telegram Chats 2

Export Telegram Chat To Exel

Again, you must first install Telegram on your desktop, because it is not yet possible to back up the Telegram versions installed on the phone. Of course, this may happen soon.

  • Go to settings
  • Select Telegram Chat Data Export
  • You can also choose which chats to copy by clicking on the three dots at the top right of the page and then selecting Export history.
  • Finally, save the selected chats in an Excel file.

Export Telegram Voice Message

Some Telegram audio files may be very important to you and you want to save them. The best and easiest solution is to enter this program with the help of your desktop version of Telegram, then choose the conversation and save the voice message by downloading it.

But if you are still looking for other ways to export Telegram chat stay with us until the end of the article.


Telegram Chat History plugin

It helps you back up your Telegram chats quickly. First, you have to search through the Chrome Telegram web browser and log in to your account. The steps for backing up Telegram chats are listed below.

  • Open the Chrome browser.
  • At the top right of the screen are three dots, tap on it and click More Tools and then Extensions.
  • Select the Open Chrome Web Store option.
  • In the next step, you have to type Telegram Chat History in the box on the right, and from the middle options that are displayed, click Save Telegram Chat History.
  • Now go to the Telegram site address and log in to your Telegram account by giving your account information.
  • Select one of the chats you want to have backups.
  • Select the Save option to prepare your backup chat file.

Export Telegram Chat To Whatsapp

By tapping on any Telegram message, the share option will be displayed. Click on it and select WhatsApp from the displayed options so that your message can be easily transferred to WhatsApp.

There is also an option in the Telegram desktop settings, that name is Telegram chat export with the help of it you can select the chats you want and transfer them to WhatsApp.

But because Telegram messaging is more secure, it is always a host for exporting chats from other networks such as WhatsApp.


Export Telegram Chat Mac

You can use Mac to open your Telegram application and backup your desired chats. Follow the steps below in order.

  • Open the Telegram app on your Mac.
  • Find the chat you want.
  • Select and copy the chat
  • Open the Notes app on your Mac.
  • pastet duplicate chats
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Export Telegram Chat With The help Of Save chat text

Go to your desktop version of Telegram. then your chat page and select the chat you want. Once the chat you want has opened. Select the text of the desired chats. Then copy the copied messages in text editing software such as Notepad. You can also export Telegram chats to excel.

 how to Export Telegram Chat

Print Chats And Save Them As A Pdf  files

First, open Telegram Web with the help of a browser such as Google Chrome; then follow the steps below.

  • Enter the chat or group you want and select the chats
  • In the Chrome menu, right-click on the three lines above.
  • Select the print option
  • Change the Destination option to Save as PDF
  • Enable Background graphics and Selection only options.
  • Select Save
  • In the end, the chats will be saved in PDF file format.

Who needs to export Telegram chat?

In a word, we say all those who lose without their Telegram chats. It is better to understand it with an example. Imagine that you have a small business in Telegram and with the help of your Telegram group sell your products. But Remember that buy Telegram group members will be really helpful.

But suddenly one day when you want to use Telegram, you see that this network is completely out of reach. What happens? You will not have access not only to your group members but also to the chats you have made with them.

All the content of your chats with your customers was related to information about the product and the price and even the address of the users. You do not have access to any of them now and your Telegram business is generally lost.

But if you have a backup of your chats, be sure to include your contacts’ information, with whom you can easily communicate again.

Or imagine a person whose chat content is completely private. He can not delete them or keep them in Telegram. He easily saves all his chats with the help of backup and then deletes them from his Telegram.

Telegram is becoming more and more important in our lives every day. So it is better to know all the points like export Telegram chat or export Telegram members that help you have better use of Telegram. Thank you for being with us until the end of the article. For answers to your possible questions, visit the buyTelegrammembers site.

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