How To Delete Downloaded Files In Telegram In 1,2,3?

How To Download The Telegram Files & Delete Downloaded Files After?
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If you buy real Telegram members for boosting your Telegram channel, it means you are professional so you should know how to Delete Downloaded Files. Do you know how to delete downloaded files in Telegram? This article is designed by the website and I am also one of the members of this team and want to be next to you to teach you how to delete the downloaded files in the Telegram.

The important titles in this article are:

  1. Where are downloaded Telegram files?
  2. How to delete downloaded files in Telegram?
  3. How to download the Telegram files?
  4. What is Telegram cache?
  5. How to disable automatic download files?
  6. Where are downloaded files stored?
  7. Do I need to know about Telegram backup?
    How To Delete Downloaded Files In Telegram In 1,2,3?

How To Download The Telegram Files & Delete Downloaded Files After?

Telegram messenger, in addition to text messaging, also can send messages in a photo or video. To download any of these files, tap once to download the desired file.

After installing this program, all submitted files are automatically downloaded. That is, without having to hit, incoming files are immediately downloaded and displayed.

Whether files are automatically downloaded, there are problems, including that:

  • Makes a large amount of Internet use.
  • Unnecessary files open.
  • Cause the memory of the phone.
  • All photos and videos sent in a variety of groups and channels are automatically opened.

But to disable this option, the idea is thought to read it.

What Is Telegram Cache?

It refers to all Telegram information stored on the phone memory. Telegram cache saves all the files downloaded by this program to the phone memory, ie all the photos and videos that are sent in a group or channel or private chat.

One of the advantages of Telegram cache is that you do not need to re-download the files because it is enough to visit the information file stored in Telegram to access all this information.

To save the files saved in the Telegram cache to the gallery, tap the three dots at the top of each photo and select the save to gallery option.
How to delete downloaded files in Telegram?

How To Disable Automatic Download Files?

You can disable automatic download files immediately after installing this app immediately after installing this application.

How To Optimize Telegram Channel: 3 Best Main Steps

To do this, follow the following steps:

  • Enter your Telegram settings.
  • Click on the Data & Storage option.
  • Participated by Automatic Media Download is displayed, with three different options, each of which represents a different type of access to this app.
  • Tick ​​all the options, and save the changes created.
  • Simply block the automatic download of files.

Where Are Downloaded Files Stored?

Telegram is designed in such a way that all downloaded files, in addition to displaying the same moment, are also stored in the phone memory.

That is, the file of all the photos of the videos you downloaded, like an album in your phone memory, can use it whenever you want. This file can be displayed in your phone’s settings as a folder called Telegram.

Auto-save photos and files cause:

  • The speed of using the phone is heavily low.
  • The memory of the phone is occupied.
  • As a result, it is better to delete the information stored in this file every time or delete downloaded files.

How To Delete Downloaded Files In Telegram?

The method of removing the stored Telegram files is different for the computer version and the mobile version of this app. Each of these two is described below.

Delete downloaded files on the phone:

  • Enter the Telegram program and refer to settings.
  • Select the Data & Storage option.
  • Then tap the Storage Usage option.
  • You must now click on the Clear Cache option.
  • Select the type of files you want to remove. (You can only select photos or videos or both)
  • After selecting which files should be deleted, touch the CLEAR CACHE option.

Delete downloaded files on the computer

Users who install the Telegram on their system, to delete downloaded files, should act as the order:

  • Go to your Telegram settings.
  • Find and tap the Local Storage option.
  • Now select the Clear ALL option to remove all stored files.
    Deleting downloaded files on the computer

How To Enable Auto-Delete Settings To Prevent Delete Downloaded Files?

For the user’s convenience, some settings are provided that you can determine the time of storage of downloaded files. That is, these stored files are automatically cleared from the memory of the phone. To set this feature:

  • Go to your Telegram settings.
  • Select the Data and Storage option.
  • Click on the Disk and Network Usage option and then select Storage usage.
  • Three different options for a week, one month, and forever, are displayed to determine the duration of the files, which you can choose one of them.
  • For example, by selecting a one-week option, all stored files are automatically deleted at the end of each week.

Delete Downloaded Files For Better Management Of This Program

Telegram is a comprehensive program, a program that plays an important role in our lives. The capabilities of this program are so diverse and attractive that you can be present in this program for hours.

7 Important Tricks To Register Telegram No Phone!

Some users use this program more. For example, businesses that operate in this social network.

Consider this example for a better understanding. Imagine launching a Telegram channel to sell products and sharing lots of posts every day to promote Telegram channel.

But after a while, you will notice that the speed of your phone has slowed down. You inquire about the reason and find out that a large number of photos and videos are stored in your Telegram cache.

By deleting unnecessary files, the speed of using your phone will return to its original state.

Since Telegram is a program for transferring all types of files, the cache of this program fills up quickly, so it is necessary to permanently delete unnecessary files.

Important Points Before Delete Downloaded Files

As we said, all the photos and videos you receive in Telegram are stored in a file called Telegram. If you decide to delete this file, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Deleting this file will lose access to all stored information, so back up this information if it’s important to you.
  • You can enable auto-delete settings.
  • Deleting files in this section is optional, meaning you can choose which photos and videos to delete.

What Are The Advantage Of Storing Files In Cache & Not Delete Downloaded Files?

We are all members of several groups and channels. By downloading the files that are sent to these groups and channels, we save them in our Telegram cache.

One of the great advantages of storing files in cache is that if you delete your Telegram app or quit groups and channels, you can still access the photos and videos you need. you have.

Another advantage of this feature is that photos and videos are not stored directly in the phone’s gallery, and you can add them to your gallery if you wish.

This is one of the reasons why Telegram is superior to WhatsApp. Because if you have noticed, the files downloaded by WhatsApp are stored directly in the gallery and occupy a large volume of it.

A great suggestion for those who do not use the Telegram app much and are looking to not take up too much space on their phone is to use the Telegram web. Because you do not need to install it to use this program.

To Sum Up

To become more familiar with the Telegram web and its capabilities, you can read the article that has been written about this.

Deleted downloaded files are the best way to speed up the use of other applications on your phone. This article is the most complete guide to deleting downloaded files and helps you clear your phone’s cache.

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