How To Create Direct Link For Telegram Channel? 🤔Best Guide 2022

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Do you want to increase the number of members of your Telegram group or channel? Our suggestion is to create direct link, publish it in other groups and channels to grow your business.

Channel links can be private or public, we are going to examine how to create each one. If you want to create your channel link that users to be able to easily and quickly become a member of it, be with buytelegrammembers.

How To Create Direct Link For Telegram Channel?

The most important purpose of creating a join link is for users to enter the channel directly just by tapping on it.

How To Create Direct Link For Telegram Channel?

There are two different ways to subscribe to each Telegram channel:

  1. Search the channel name
  2. Subscribe via link

The third method is better and more comfortable.

In addition, by sending a link created for the channel, in other groups and channels, a large number of members can be attracted.

Now you should get acquainted with the types of links in Telegram.

Public link of channels:

When your channel has a public mode, all Telegram users can become one of its members. You have to do the following steps to create it:

  • Go to the Edit section of your Telegram app.
  • Click on the channel type option.
  • Specify your channel type and then tap the invite link option.
  • You will see a link for your channel, which you can copy and send to anyone you want.
    What is direct link?
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Private link for channels:

You do not need to create a link in private channels, because, at the same time as creating a channel, a special link is created for it.

By creating a private link, not everyone can join the channel, and only those who have access to the channel’s private link can become a member.

You are now familiar with creating links, both on private and public channels.

What are the differences between public links and private links of channels?

Here are the most important differences:

  1. You can enter the channel directly by clicking on the link of private channels, but in public channels, before entering, a question is asked, which is do you want to join this channel?
  2. Subscription to public channels is done with or without a link, but in private channels, you can only subscribe with a link.

FAQs About Create direct link

In this section, the most common questions of users about creating links are answered.

Is Public Link Better Or Private Link?

Public channels are faster and more accessible to members.

It can be said that public channels attract members faster, but private channels attract fewer members or can be said to be more targeted.

Should I Create A Join Link For A Private Channel?

Private channels do not need to create links, because the moment you choose your channel type to be private, their links are created.


Creating a direct link and sending it to other groups and channels is one of the best ways to promote the Telegram channel and attract members.

100% Best Tips About Telegram Selling Group Industry

Since most telegram channels are created for business development, it is better to know how to create a link.

This article is the most complete guide to get acquainted with making links for Telegram channels. Which link do you use to attract members?

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